Shuryukan Yoshinkai Aikido


Clint Marquez

Has been an important part of Shuryukan Yoshinkai Aikido's heritage, working and assisting with the team since their path to Yoshinkan Aikido began, and just like the rest of the group they were active participants in many public demonstrations in Saudi Arabia.  

In the 2nd quarter of 2017, he was tested and advanced to Shodan by Steven Miranda Sensei, and was granted his level 6 instructor certificate.


Steven Miranda, Aikido Yoshinkan of Sacramento, USA (AYF)
The founder and chief instructor of Aikido Yoshinkan Sacramento is Mr. Steven Miranda. Steven began his study of Yoshinkan Aikido in 1982 under the direction of Mits Yamashita Sensei,(6th dan) of the Sanbukan Dojo . Steven first met Yamashita Sensei at El Camino Community College in Torrance, CA. Along with his training, Steven was also the primary instructor for the Wednesday night classes at the Sanbukan. Among Steven's responsibilities was teaching the new students dojo protocol and etiquette, ukemi (falling) and the required basic techniques and kihon dosa required for their first exam. Steven also assisted with the police defense tactics course and was taught combat defense grappling by Yamashita Sensei and Sensei Johann.   Steven was promoted to shodan in 1997 and nidan in 1999 by Yamashita Sensei. At the encouragement of Yamashita Sensei, Steven invited Amos Parker Sensei, 8th dan, to continue his training in July of 2000. In 2001, Steven was promoted to sandan, yondan in 2004 and to godan in November of 2008. Examinations were administered by Parker Sensei. Like the dojo itself, all of Steven's dan ranks are registered with the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation in Tokyo Japan. Steven was also granted his Dai Ni (level 2) instructors certificate. This enables Steven to promote and register his students with the Yoshinkan honbu dojo to the rank of sandan (3rd degree black belt).


Mel began his formal studies in martial arts in the 80's and Aikido in 2000 under the direction of Mr. Flor Bisin & Mr. Alvin Valero and took over the day to day operations of the dojo upon Mr. Bisin’s retirement in March 2005. This is around the same time Mel met Mr. Steven Miranda of the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (AYF) Seikeikan dojo in the USA.  Mel was first introduced to Yoshinkan Aikido by Black Panther Yoshinkai Aikido, Manila while at home in the Philippines in January 2005, however the dojo’s first affiliation with Yoshinkan Aikido came in 2004, while under the direction of Mr. Bisin. The dojo was affiliated with Mr. David Dye of the AYF Shuyokan dojo in the USA and the International Shuyokan Aikido Federation.  To further his study and understanding of Yoshinkan Aikido, Mel made two very significant trips. The first was in March of 2006 when he went to Japan and trained at the Yoshinkan Honbu dojo and at the Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu dojo where he was tested and awarded 6th kyu by Tsuneo Ando Shihan.  While visiting the honbu dojo, Mel was also privileged to observe proper testing protocols as administered by Inoue Kancho and Chida Dojocho, the former director and chief instructor. The second event took place in 2007 when Mel visited Mr. Sonny Loke, Yoshinkan 6th dan, while vacationing in Malaysia. Mel spent several days training at Mr. Loke’s dojo.

Upon meeting all the requirements of his advisors and the honbu dojo, and at the recommendation of Mr. Miranda in May 2008, Mel was awarded his shodan and level 6 instructor certificates by the Yoshinkan Honbu dojo, making him the first AYF registered instructor in Saudi Arabia with grading authority to 4th kyu.  In November 2009, Mel tested in front of Parker Shihan and Miranda  Sensei, and was advanced to nidan and had his instructor level upgraded to Level 5, giving him grading authority to 1st kyu in Yoshinkan Aikido.