Shuryukan Yoshinkai Aikido


Dammam, KSA - Estimated in thousands, athletes and spectators trooped Zamil Bachelors Camp for the grand opening day of Zamil Industrial Sportsfest 2009-2010 last Friday, December 11, 2009.

Like in any Olympic Games the opening day marks ZI Sportsfest 4th year with lavish and spectacular presentation of torch, athletes in colorful uniforms, presence of Zamil Industrial big bosses, and the media (including The Filipino Channel ABSCBN Network), Shuryukan Yoshinkai Aikido, and the League of Filipino Photographers International.

Abante middle east november 2009

Arabian Sun Article in Arabic


By Alex V. Villamayor


A one-day Martial Arts demonstration was attended by UD Wellness team as their year’s first major activity last February 13, 2009 in 3rd Street Gym, Dhahran.  Demonstrating martial arts techniques from China, Japan, Korea and Philippines were performed by various groups of martial artists from Dhahran, Abqaiq and Ras Tanura.   Organized by CCSD/Recreation Services Division, the success of the event was highlighted by warm participation of different martial arts clubs in the region. 


Dhahran Recreation Services Administrator Richard L. Ksiazek graced in the occasion that billed Global Martial Arts Demonstration.  The Saudi Aramco employees and their families and friends attended, enjoyed and learned from the one day martial arts affair.  Saudi Aramco Martial Arts Group are encouraging Aramco employees, their dependents and different Contractors to learn self defense, improve self confidence and maintain physical fitness.  Steven W. Irwin was overwhelmed with the warm support from different martial arts clubs and with the impressive feedback on the quality and diversity of different presentations.


Headed by UD Wellness Instructor Nicanor G. Lugtu, the Wellness Team was represented by Menandro G. Jimenez performing the Poomse taekwondo style from Desert Tiger Taekwondo (DTT) under its Head Master Sabum nim Gregory C. Sugano.  Two other DTT jins were also demonstrated the Taekwondo Kata performed by Sonny G. Lugtu and Dovvy A. Pacamalan.  The aikido style was presented by Hashim D. Majid and his team from Shuryukan Yoshinkai Aikido under its Chief Instructor Sensei Romuel Villareal.  Cinco Tero Escrima has Elmer T. Opulencia to demonstrate escrima style.


The UD Wellness members are grateful for the high importance given by the UD Manager Mohammed H. Al-Ghosain in the physical needs of its employees not only in martial arts but also in sports such as basketball, tennis and swimming.  With this all-out support from UD Manager, the members are enthusiastic to keep in action although the limited sources of recreational facilities somehow hinder their drive to work-out.  In order to improve the continuing hard works and perseverance of UD Wellness members, the team wishes to request access to use some facilities in Al-Munirah.  It is then expected to anticipate that a healthy individual makes a well-rounded worker which plays an important role as part of the team work in making a productive company and community.