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Dear Aikidoka,

We finally have a date for the coming Shioda Gozo festival. The event will take place November 21st at the Honbu dojo in Takadanobaba for the seminars and test /grading session by a panel of top Yoshinkan shihan followed by a ceremony/party and on the 20th of November at Komozawa sports center for the all Japan and worldwide demonstration. We are expecting many dojo around the world to take part in the demo and seminars. Please do not miss this truly unique opportunity. Please check our blog for updated information http/   2010 world event.

Please make early plan and remember that you will be able to train for free a week earlier or a week after the core events or you can take advantage of training in the many Yoshinkan branches in Kyoto, Yamanashi, Chiba.

Cost ; 10000yen /pers (includes demo, seminars, training and parties)  extra 1000 per /day to train at branches dojos.

Please apply through email, include all relevant info about your dojo , number of people for training  seminar, demo and parties.

Please pass the news around you and we look forward to seeing many of you in November.

-AYF  Team, Honbu Dojo-


We have been invited to attend and perform a demonstration on Friday, March 12, 2010 at Khobar Gym.  In attendance will be our brothers, PECOMA, SIKARAN and TAECOJUKA.

 Please plan to attend this event, it should be fun.  Schedule 1pm.


Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia:

The Shuryukan Team headed by Mr. & Mrs. Clint Marquez have  organized a "Safety Campaign" amongst the tenants of their domicile.  This was organized to raise their awareness level.

Together with Mel, Omar, and Hashim, a good number of 36 eager participants attended the initial phase of the program.  Classes are scheduled every Thursdays.

For more information, please contact the dojo. 


First of all I would like to thank you all for your continued support and commitment to Yoshinkan Aikido and helping to share this art with others around the world.

It has been 16 years since the passing of Gozo Shioda, in Japan 2010 is a special commemorative year and we will hold a Yoshinkan Aikido world event in his memory. Gozo Shioda's message was one of peace, and in keeping with that spirit we would like this event to unite us and strengthen the bonds that we share as fellow Yoshinkan aikido teachers and students around the world. I would like to invite you to Japan for the Gozo Shioda memorial festival 2010 (late October, details to follow)

The festival will include - 3 days in Kyoto, training, site seeing and exploring the culture and beauty of this historic city.  3 days in Tokyo, training in clinics by top Yoshinkan Aikido instructors who trained directly under Gozo Shioda, demonstrations and a special memorial ceremony.   Please don't miss this chance to see and discover Japan, make new friends from around the world and train with some of the greatest sensei alive today. Please tell your students and start planning for this unique opportunity. We will keep you posted as plans and dates become finalized.


Starting next year there are some big changes in store for the senshusei course, beginning with the return of Jaques Payet sensei. Payet sensei urged Kancho Gozo Shioda to start a program at honbu nearly 20 years ago for foreign students and Japanese non-police, and then developed the course at Kancho's request. Payet sensei will direct next year's course and be actively involved with teaching, along with other high level sensei who will bring an experienced and diverse level of Aikido to the senshusei program. This again is a fantastic opportunity for those with the wish to commit their time and train Aikido at a high level.

We thank you all for your commitment and ask for your continued support as we move forward together in the growth and development of Yoshinkan Aikido world wide.

Shioda Kancho

Please direct all inqueries to the Yoshinkan HQ

Posted by request of Shioda Yasuhisa Kancho via Jacques Payet Shihan

DECEMBER 18, 2009

Saudi Aramco

Shuryukan Yoshinkai Aikido has been invited to participate in Saudi Aramco's Utilities Department Wellness Program.  The event will take place in Al Munirah, Dhahran in the 2nd week of December 2009 and will be attended by all martial art clubs in and around the Eastern Region.

In mid-2009 SYA has successfully demonstrated Yoshinkan Aikido in Saudi Aramco Hills alongside other MA clubs. For more information regarding this event, please contact Hashim Majid on 8761092.


By Alex V. Villamayor

It was mission accomplished for UD Wellness when the 1st UD-Aramco Wellness Open Friendship Tournament was successfully held in Al-Munirah, Dhahran.  The one-day event which was took place on December 18, 2009 was attended by all invited martial arts club in the region.  Organized by UD Wellness, the event was aimed to promote martial arts as one sport that install values and discipline, teaches self defence and improves physical fitness and well-being.  The event was an ideal timing too to introduce the benefits and importance of martial arts in our physical, mental and behavioural development.

Attended during the event was CCSD Manager Mohammad H. Al-Ghosain who conveyed an inspirational message to all players, participants and club founders.  As his continued creed in keeping the wellness of the employees, the CCSD Manager encouraged every employee to continue their enthusiasm in martial arts for the benefit of their health. 

Present during the event were CS Wellness Coordinator Charles E. Johnson and UD Wellness Instructor Nicanor G. Lugtu who provided all requirements and needs of the players.  But in all of its missions and activities, the event will not be possible without the all-out support from UD Manager Mohammad A. Al-Houraib who is always supportive for every event of UD Wellness.  Assured of unwavering support by the UD Manager, UD Wellness will continue to flourish and will be at forefront of Utilities Department’s physical fitness program.

 True to its mission, the event did not just brought fun, excitement and knowledge to every players present in the competition but on top of these, winning friendship, improving brotherhood and empowering physical health completed the one day experience of Martial Arts tournament like UD Wellness Open Tournament.

DECEMBER 11, 2009

Zamil Sports Festival

Shuryukan Yoshinkai Aikido Club has been selected as MARSHALS for this event which is scheduled to take place on December 11, 2009. For particulars, please contact Mr. Mark Condenato on 054060-1444 who is also the vice chairman for this event. The League of Filipino Photographers International (LFPI ) will cover this event. 

Al Zamil Top Executives with Shuryukan Team Members


    Special thanks to Mark Condenato, Clint & Esther, Nelson & Alma,  Patrick, Robert, and Ivan, Michael and Robert, Willy, Arman and to those who wish to remain on the background, thank you so much!


    Shuryukan Dojo is very proud to announce that together with Steven Miranda Sensei, Amos Lee Parker Shihan,  has graciously accepted our invitation to conduct a series of  intensive Yoshinkan Aikido Clinics in the coming months.  

    Parker Shihan is a student of Yoshinkan Aikido's most senior instructor and co-founder, Terada Hanshi.  Parker Shihan spent more than 35 years training in and around of Yokohama, Japan.

    • Highest ranked non-Japanese instructor in Yoshinkan Aikido
    • Highest ranked member of Terada Honbu Seiseikai
    • Highest ranked Yoshinkan Aikido instructor in the United States   
    • Received the title of Shihan in 1986
    • Received the rank of hachidan (8th dan) in 1995
    • Served as a presiding judge at several Enbutaikai 

    Amos Lee Parker was born on December 12, 1936 in Houston, Texas. He is the 7th of 16 children. At age 18, Amos joined the United States Navy and it is here where his life in Aikido begins. Amos spent 35 years training in Japan with Kiyoyuki Terada Hanshi, 9th dan.

    Amos began his full-time study of Yoshinkan in 1962 while a member of the United States Navy in Yokosuka-cho, Japan. Upon his retirement after 20 years of service to his country, he remained in Japan for another 20 years to further his own development and understanding of Yoshinkan Aikido.

    The Aikido Yoshinkan Yoseikai (AYY) was founded by Parker Shihan to promote Yoshinkan Aikido throughout North America. The name YOSEIKAI (養精会) was given to Parker Shihan by his instructor Kiyoyuki Terada Hanshi.

    The character YO (養)is the same as the YO found in YOSHINKAN. SEI (精)is taken from Terada Hanshi's first name and is the same character that is used in his organization SEISEIKAI. The combination of the two characters coming together are reflective of Parker Shihan's Aikido and signify the relationship of the two major schools of thought found in Yoshinkan Aikido.

    Thank you Parker Shihan and Miranda Sensei for imparting to us your invaluable knowledge, for enduring the long travel from Sacramento, Houston to the Kingdom of Bahrain.  Thank you for making this clinic our most unforgettable and ultimately an event that leave marks not only in the history of Shuryukan but in the hearts and mind of all who have actively taken part in this once in a lifetime event, OSU!  [more pictures here]

    The Zamil Air Conditioners, CoolCare, and Middle East Air Conditioners, together with their joint partners have been actively sponsoring Shuryukan Dojo's community activities, with the cooperation of Industrial & Electrical Control Systems Centre (INDICO).

    Shuryukan Staff & Members would like to thank; (a) Mr. Osama F. Bunyan, Executive Vice President Zamil Air Conditioners (b) Mr. Yousef Al Bassam, National Manager, Zamil Air Conditioners & CoolCare, and (c) Mr. Hosam Al Sayyed, Events Manager, Zamil Air Conditioners.

    Zamil Air Conditioners (ZAC) was founded in 1974 as one of the first air conditioning business to be established in Saudi Arabia and today is a leading international manufacturer of air conditioning systems and is Number 1 in the Middle East.

    Shuryukan is very much active and involve in community and school projects.

    Credits due to: Mark Anthony, Clint & Esther, and of course the Alcasabas family

    Thank you!