Shuryukan Yoshinkai Aikido


Shuryukan Dojo was founded in the year 2000 to teach Aikido to the community.  Instructors and students train very seriously yet interact with each other like family members.   Instructions are minutely detailed, as we pay special attention to the position of the hands and feet.  We practice basic movements & techniques over and over again to learn how to move our bodies in response to different types of power exerted by the opponent. Repeated and correct practice of these basic techniques eventually enables our students to react instinctively and to apply the appropriate technique in almost any situation he finds himself, whether it takes place in the dojo or at unexpected moment in daily life, verbal or otherwise physical. 
Schedules: Al-Khobar Gym, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia : Thurs 7pm and Fridays 1pm.


Our dojo has a rich history that began in the early 1990’s. The founding instructor was Mr. Kelly Dadap, taught by Mr. Nestor Sulliva.  The school was originally founded under the organizational name of Arnis Kickboxing Aikido, in Jubail Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia. This was under the organization of Mr. Monching Gavileno of the Philippines whose lineage is to Koichi Tohei Sensei, and was an Aikikai registered school at that time. The organization consisted of three branch schools in Damman, Jubail and Khobar. In 1992, Mr. Gavileno became independent and changed its name to Combat Aikido, now known as TAPONDO. 
In I998, ARBOKAIDO/Combat Aikido of Mr. Dadap became independent and was changed to Aikido Brotherhood International Federation, utilizing a system he called Thermodynamic Aikido and whose membership were mostly composed of members from the Philippine Guardians Brotherhood, Inc. (PGBI).   In 2000 Mr. Dadap departed the Kingdom, the day to day operation of the Khobar dojo was handed over to Mr. Florentino (Flor) Bisin, a nidan in the system at that time. To further his own knowledge and that of his students, Mr. Bisin moved away from the ABIF and at the encouragement of his senior students began their journey in Yoshinkan Aikido.
In 2004, we became a member of the International Shuyokan Aikido Federation which is run by Mr. David Dye, Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (AYF) sandan and founder of the AYF Shuyokan Dojo. Our present dojo name, Shuryukan, was given to us by Mr. Dye (House of the Strong Dragons); and became the first aikido school in Saudi Arabia training in Yoshinkan Aikido and to become affiliated with a registered Yoshinkan Aikido dojo and instructor.  In March of 2005, the day to day operation of the Shuryukan was handed over to Mr. Romuel Villareal who continues to serve as its chief instructor. In March of 2005, Mel met Mr. Steven Miranda of the AYF Seikeikan Dojo in the USA. All kyu and dan ranks issued to Shuryukan students and those running Shuryukan affiliated dojo’s were granted by Mr. Miranda. For information regarding kyu and/or dan authentication via the Seikeikan dojo, please contact the dojo. 
On November 11, 2008, Shuryukan dojo was formally recognized by the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation as an official AYF dojo. We extend our thanks and gratitude to Shioda Yasuhisa Soke, the Yoshinkan Aikido Board of Directors, and our technical advisors for their confidence and trust.  This school is also a proud member of the Aikido Yoshinkan Yoseikai (AYY) family of schools headed by Amos Lee Parker Shihan, 9th dan. In November of 2009, Shuryukan formalized this relationship by hosting a 5 day seminar with Parker Shihan and our technical advisor, Mr. Steven Miranda.