Shuryukan Yoshinkan Aikido

A message from Miranda Sensei

December 2, 2009

On behalf of Amos L. Parker Shihan and myself, I want to again thank you and all those at the Shuryukan for your kind invitation and all that you did to ensure for our comfort and well being. The accommodations at the Villa and all the meals were top notch. The outdoor dojo right outside the door to the Villa was great. The weather was as perfect as it could be for such a venue.

Parker Shihan has commented several times how impressed he was with you and your students. His assessment of you and your students only reinforces the confidence Shioda Yasuhisa Kancho saw in you when he accepted you into Yoshinkan Aikido. He was particularly impressed how well everyone did to quickly pick up and implement the adjustments he made and your willingness to change and excel. Your abilities to do this quickly made for very good training sessions. We also liked how folks would utilize their free time and continue to practice on their own, in addition to the 6-hour training days we put in. Of course, the time off the mat visiting with you, your students and all those involved made for great conversations that helped forge a much deeper friendship.

I want to again congratulate you, all your students, the photographers and all those who worked behind the scenes who made the 1st Yoshinkai Aikido Gasshuku in the Middle East to feature a Yoshinkan Aikido 8th dan Shihan a great success. Congratulations to all who took advancement exams and passed. It’s a rare opportunity outside Japan to be able to test directly in front of an 8th dan Shihan. Parker Shihan was most impressed, and he’s not easily impressed, I can tell you.

Again, thank you for all the hard work you and the team put in to make this visit a memorable time in our lives. Sensei and I look forward to our next visit to Middle East and beyond.


Yours in Aikido,


Steven Miranda, Chief Instructor
Aikido Yoshinkan Sacramento
Seikeikan Dojocho USA

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